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The androgen receptor (AR) plays a central role in the development and progression of prostate cancer (PCa) and anti-androgen therapy is a standard treatment. Unfortunately, after a few years, the majority of patients progress, developing androgen-independent PCa. AR-driven gene transcription recruits a large number of co-activator/co-repressor complexes;(More)
We summarize recent findings linking inflammatory hypoxia to chromatin modifications, in particular to repressive histone signatures. We focus on the role of Hypoxia-Induced Factor-1 in promoting the activity of specific histone demethylases thus deeply modifying chromatin configuration. The consequences of these changes are depicted in terms of gene(More)
We are transient beings, in a world of constantly changing culture. At home in the fields of Art and Science, seemingly capable of magnificent abstractions, humans have an intense need to externalize their insights. Music is an art and a highly transmissible cultural product, but we still have an incomplete understanding of how our musical experience shapes(More)
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