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RATIONALE AND OBJECTIVES To establish the normal criterion of ascending aortic diameter (AAOD) measured by 64 multidetector computed tomography (MDCT) and electron beam computed tomography (EBT) based on gender and age. MATERIALS AND METHODS A total of 1442 consecutive subjects who were referred for evaluation of possible coronary artery disease underwent(More)
In the development of new FPGA architectures, a designer must balance speed, density and routing flexibility. In this paper, we discuss a new FPGA architecture based on a patented [1], novel, segmented routing fabric that is targeted to high performance and predictability but does not sacrifice routability or area efficiency. Current segmented architectures(More)
To help clarify whether food or enteral nutrients decrease hydralazine relative bioavailability, eight subjects were given oral hydralazine under four nutritional conditions: fasted (F), with a standard breakfast (SB), with a bolus of enteral nutrients (EB), and with a slow infusion of enteral nutrients administered by nasogastric tube (EI). The area under(More)
In this study, potential alterations in hepatic blood flow, plasma protein binding, hepatic tissue binding, and enzyme activities induced by LD iv infusion of lidocaine (LD) were evaluated using a chronically instrumented dog model. Four conscious female mongrel dogs (19.0-23.5 kg) were each given, on days 1 and 10, a 5-min infusion of a mixture of(More)
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