Luan Fonseca Garcia

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In this work we apply a domain ontology for developing a computational approach for the task of lithologic correlation, within the Petroleum Geology domain. In this context, a domain ontology is applied for imposing a rich and homogeneous structure to the visual descriptions of the domain objects that are the targets of this task. In our approach, we(More)
In this paper we present an automatic approach for the litho logic correlation task, which is a crucial task in the domain of Petroleum Geology. In our approach, we consider the litho logic correlation task as formally equivalent to the task of DNA sequence alignment, in the domain of Bioinformatics. This allows us to use well-known sequence alignment(More)
Ontologies have been growing in importance regarding their reusability for distinct applications, since this allows amortizing the significant cost of development of a knowledge base. Large portions of knowledge models now are modelled as ontologies and these portions are shared through several applications. Considering the immature stage of the(More)
In the petroleum industry, a huge amount of data is generated every day by many different sources. The petroleum industry relies on the efficient use of this data to build computational models that represent subsurface petroleum reservoirs. A problem that arises when one is building reservoir models is the fact that the existent data is hardly(More)
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