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L,-L. Hua, ~ K. Kobayashi, ~ E.-I. 0ehiai. ~* C. W. Gehrke, ~ K. O. Gerhardt, ~ and C. Ponnamperuma* "'Laboratory of Chemical Evolution, University of Maryland, College Park, Maryland 20742 USA ~Division of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, Juniata College, Huntingdon, Pennsylvania 16652 USA **~Department of Biochemistry and Experiment Station Chemical(More)
Nucleic acid bases and amino acids are the two most important classes of compounds in the present biological systems. Some nucleic acid bases have been synthesized individually under prebiotic conditions, but simultaneous synthesis of all the nitrogenous bases essential for life has not been established. We now report the simultaneous production of all five(More)
A mechanism for an abiotic synthetic pathway leading to nucleosides has not been established, although there are several reports on the synthesis of nucleosides from nucleic acid bases and ribose. We have recently found all of five nucleic acid bases in the aqueous phase underlying the gas phase spark discharge of a mixture of methane, nitrogen and water(More)
An application of factorial design and computer regression analysis techniques for optimizing separations in reversed-phase liquid chromatography is discussed. The principles of factorial statistical analysis allow the use of regression analysis to optimize experimental contributions of several variables to chromatographic responses, each response function(More)
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