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Lingguizhugan decoction (LGZG), a classic traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) formula, has been used to treat obesity and hyperlipidemia in recent years, but the related mechanisms underlying the regulation of lipid metabolism by LGZG are not clear yet. Here, we reported the effectiveness and possible mechanisms of LGZG on rats with fatty liver disease(More)
Avionics software is safe-critical embedded software and its architecture is evolving from traditional federated architectures to Integrated Modular Avionics (IMA) to improve resource usability. ARINC653, as a standard widely employed in the avionics industry, supports partitioning concepts in accordance with the IMA philosophy. To insure the development of(More)
The public transport information has been focus of social attention, especially bus arrival time (BAT) prediction. Historical data in combination with real-time data may be used to predict the future travel times of vehicles more accurately, thus improving the experience of the users who rely on such information. In this paper, we expound the correspondence(More)
Modern avionics architecture is evolving from traditional federated architecture to Integrated Modular Avionics (IMA) architecture. ARINC653 standard, which is employed in the avionics industry, supports partitioning core concept in IMA. Furthermore, avionic software has very high safety and reliability requirements in safety- critical domains. Therefore,(More)
Hausdorff distance measure is very important in CAD/CAE/CAM related applications. This manuscript presents an efficient framework and two complementary subalgorithms to directly compute the exact Hausdorff distance for general 3D point sets. The first algorithm of Nonoverlap Hausdorff Distance (NOHD) combines branch-and-bound with early breaking to cut down(More)
A concise synthetic route to an immunomodulatory pentasaccharide, lacto-N-fucopentaose III (1) and its corresponding human serum albumin conjugate, is described. Key transformations of the strategy include two highly regio- and stereoselective glycosylations for the construction of disaccharide 10 and pentasaccharide 12, a Birch reduction for deprotection(More)
A series of methoxy and deoxy derivatives of mannopyranose-1-phosphate (Manp-1P) were chemically synthesized, and their ability to be converted into the corresponding guanosine diphosphate mannopyranose (GDP-Manp) analogues by a pyrophosphorylase (GDP-ManPP) from Salmonella enterica was studied. Evaluation of methoxy analogues demonstrated that GDP-ManPP is(More)
Previous studies have demonstrated that cell wall arabinogalactan from mycobacteria possesses a single galactosamine (GalN) residue. This moiety, which is one of the rare natural occurrences of galactosamine lacking an acetyl group on the nitrogen, has been identified as a pendant substituent attached to a highly branched arabinofuranose residue in the(More)
Avionic software architecture has transit from a federated avionics architecture to an integrated modular avionics (IMA) .ARINC 653 (Avionics Application Standard Software Interface) is a software specification for space and time partitioning in Safety-critical avionics Real-time operating systems. Methods to transform the abstract avionics application(More)