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Collaborative filtering algorithms make use of interactions rates between users and items for generating recommendations. Similarity among users or items is calculated based on rating mostly, without considering explicit properties of users or items involved. In this paper, we proposed collaborative filtering algorithm using topic model. We describe(More)
Latent Dirichlet Allocation (LDA), has been recently used to automatically generate text corpora topics, and applied to sentences extraction based multi-document summarization algorithms. However, not all the estimated topics are of equal importance or correspond to genuine themes of the domain. Some of the topics can be a collection of irrelevant or(More)
Tactical communication network environment is different to the civil mobile adhoc network. It is of special connectivity, traffic flow characteristic and mobility. Its traffic flow model is the foundation for adhoc network designing, planning, controlling and managing. Each characteristic can be depicted correctly only when the model is accuracy. This(More)
This paper introduced mobile communication technology in the field of industrial control, designed and implemented an equipment monitoring system based on the platform of mobile terminal. Which aims to convenient monitoring the running state of equipment in real-time, reduce the failure rate of running equipment and maintenance the running equipment(More)
Security access of enterprise production data file and design file is critical to ensure the enterprise interests. This paper puts forward the method of using windows driver combined with API function to write the virtual equipment articulated driver. The method can track the enterprise internal file access, at the same time make detailed monitoring records(More)
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