Lu-Yin Wang

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The Cornell Electron Storage Ring (CESR) has been reconfigured as an ultra low emittance damping ring for use as a test accelerator (CesrTA) for International Linear Collider (ILC) damping ring R&D [1]. One of the primary goals of the CesrTA program is to investigate the interaction of the electron cloud with low emittance positron beam to explore methods(More)
Renewable resource of carbon-free energy is crucial in the current scenario of global warming and our growing energy needs. Besides, the significance of safer energy resources has been underscored by many nuclear mishaps, including the recently crippled Fukushima Nuclear power plant in Japan. Sunlight is the most promising alternative to nuclear fuels and(More)
Particulate matter (soot aerosol or carbon black) emissions from combustion systems have adverse effects on human health and the environment. Soot is a major contributor to the total radiation heat loss in propulsion systems. Soot aerosols in the atmosphere have significant positive radiative forcing that contributes to global warming because of strong(More)
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