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The homoiminosugars alpha- and beta-homogalactonojirimycins were prepared from a common intermediate, tetra-O-benzyl-D-galacto-heptenitol 6, by way of highly stereoselective reaction sequences involving, as the key steps, an internal amidomercuration (alpha-epimer) and a double reductive amination (beta-epimer). alpha-Homogalactonojirimycin retains a large(More)
Several sec-aromatic THP acetal compounds have been found to be suitable substrates for the [1,2]Wittig rearrangement in the absence of an external electrophile, which resulted in the generation of new carboncarbon bond and the facile synthesis of aromatic tertiary alcohols. More interestingly, an unexpected effect of chlorotrimethylsilane on this(More)
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