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Periodic stripe patterns are ubiquitous in living organisms, yet the underlying developmental processes are complex and difficult to disentangle. We describe a synthetic genetic circuit that couples cell density and motility. This system enabled programmed Escherichia coli cells to form periodic stripes of high and low cell densities sequentially and(More)
Since the quality of statistical machine translation (SMT) is heavily dependent upon the size and quality of training data, many approaches have been proposed for automatically mining bilingual text from comparable corpora. However, the existing solutions are restricted to extract either bilingual sentences or sub-sentential fragments. Instead, we present(More)
This paper presents our system for the CIPS-SIGHAN-2014 bakeoff task of Chinese word segmentation. This system adopts a character-based joint approach, which combines a character based generative model and a character-based discriminative model. To further improve the performance in cross-domain, an external dictionary is employed. In addition,(More)
The national pattern is an unique form of symbol, a kind of special language carrier, which has the rich cultural connotations and diversity of aesthetic. Computer-fractal art is a new branch of mathematics, there have many uniformities between the national patterns and the computer-fractal, not only in the study, handling, and artistic features, most(More)
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