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Organic nanoparticles of 1,3-diphenyl-5-(2-anthryl)-2- pyrazoline (DAP) ranging in average diameters from 40 to 160 nm were prepared through the reprecipitation method. The average diameters of the particles were controlled by variation of the aging time. We found that DAP nanoparticles exhibit the size-dependent optical properties. The absorption(More)
Simultaneous extraction, separation and quantitation of reduced nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NADH), reduced nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide phosphate (NADPH), flavin adenine dinucleotide (FAD) and flavin mononucleotide (FMN) in Chinese Hamster Ovary (CHO) cells were investigated. The separation of flavins and nicotinamide cofactors was performed by(More)
As automobile systems become more and more sophisticated, the need to integrate the science research and engineering software is increasing. As a modeling and simulation software tool, MATLAB can help automobile engineers solve lots of practical problems. Based in vehicle acceleration characteristics, this article introduces a method to get an optimized(More)
Organic nanoparticles from a chiral auxiliary, (R)-(+)-1,1'-bi-2-naphthol dimethyl ether (BNDE), with a range of particle sizes from 25 to 100 nm were fabricated through the reprecipitation method. It is found that BNDE nanoparticles exhibit positive exciton chirality in 200-260 nm region in circular dichroism (CD) spectra, which are completely opposite to(More)
We aimed to explore novel small metabolites that associated with hypertension risk in a population-based nested case-control study. Among 460 individuals with optimal blood pressure (<120/80 mmHg) at baseline, 55 progressed to hypertension during 5 years of follow-up. Twenty-nine cases of incident hypertension and 29 controls, matched for age, sex, and(More)
The producer service, as the intermediate input of manufactures, possesses the important effect for reviving of Liaoning old industrial base. Based on the relationship between producer service and manufacture, the developing situation in both producer service and manufacture of Liaoning province as well as the problems during the development were analyzed.(More)
OBJECTIVES Inherited impairment of xenobiotic metabolism is a postulated mechanism underlying environmentally associated pathogeneses such as multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS). Using the Quick Environmental Exposure and Sensitivity Inventory (QEESI), we defined people who have a strong response to chemical substances as "chemical sensitive populations(More)
OBJECTIVE Several studies have examined the relationships between dietary potassium and sodium and hypertension, but few have evaluated the association between serum potassium or sodium and risk of incident hypertension. We therefore investigated the associations between serum potassium and sodium and risk of incident hypertension in a Chinese(More)
OBJECTIVE Intractable anemia, such as aplastic anemia or that presumably associated with chronic herpes virus infections, sometimes require bone marrow transplant. We investigated the use of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) for the treatment of intractable anemia. METHOD Placenta Hominis (PH), steam boiled and roasted, and Cervi Cornus Colla (deer(More)