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An investigation is made of an optimal task-assignment policy for a random-graph model of a distributed program. The model of the distributed computer system assumes that communications overhead adds to total run time and that total run time decreases as the number of processors running the program is increased. When the processors are homogeneous, the(More)
Based on the characteristics of evolution, autonomy and diversity of Internet resources, recently researchers proposed to realize the publication and query of Internet resource information through common DHT information services. However, current research on resource information services is insufficient in generality, usability and adaptability. Aiming at(More)
This paper proposes a cluster-based multi-path routing in MANET (CBMRP). It distributes traffic among diverse multiple paths to avoid congestion, optimize bandwidth used and improve the sharing rate of channel. It uses clustering’s hierarchical structure diverse to decrease routing control overhead and improve the networks scalability. This algorithm is(More)
Differentiated services (DiffServ) is a scalable architecture for supporting quality of services (QoS), and video multicast is the application which needs network to support QoS guarantee. To accommodate to heterogeneous network and host, it is a good idea to transmit video in a few layers. The paper proposes LVMM (layered video multicast meter) and LVMF(More)
This paper proposes PLPD, a novel percolation-based probabilistic reliable dissemination protocol for information dissemination among a group of nodes in a MANET. Being different from other probabilistic reliable dissemination protocols, PLPD is aware of the network topology and directed dissemination, which doesn’t require flooding the network with control(More)
We address the problem of optimizing a distributed monitoring system and the goal of the optimization is to reduce the cost of deployment of the monitoring infrastructure by identifying a minimum aggregating set subject to delay constraint on the aggregating path. We show that this problem is NP-hard and propose approximation algorithm proving the(More)
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