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We consider multi-antenna cooperative spectrum sensing in cognitive radio networks, when there may be multiple primary users. A detector based on the spherical test is analyzed in such a scenario. Based on the moments of the distributions involved, simple and accurate analytical formulae for the key performance metrics of the detector are derived. The false(More)
Increasing researches have reported the safety and efficacy of laparoscopic versus open approach for colorectal cancer resection; however, the number of lymph nodes harvested in the 2 approaches is still unclear. This meta-analysis is to compare the number of lymph node harvested in these 2 methods. We searched the PUBMED, the EMBASE, and the Cochrane(More)
  • Lu Wei
  • 2015
In this paper, we study the ergodic capacity of spatially correlated multi-cluster MIMO channels. Our first result is an exact and explicit expression of the joint density of singular values of the considered channel matrix. The singular values correlation function then follows directly, which leads to an exact formula for the ergodic capacity. The derived(More)
PURPOSE To study the neuroanatomic characteristics of patients with Duane's retraction syndrome with high-resolution magnetic resonance imaging. METHODS The study included 11 consecutive cases, including five patients with type I, one patient with type II, four patients with type III, and one patient with inverse Duane's retraction syndrome. The patients(More)