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This paper presents a novel integrated control scheme for three-level neutral point clamped (NPC) based PWM rectifier-inverter. Two measures are taken to minimize the size of dc-bus capacitors which are expensive, bulky and have a lifetime limit. Firstly, the direct power control (DPC) for front-end three-level PWM rectifier is applied, which will provide(More)
Formulas are presented for an incompressible inviscid velocity field V with a vorticity field Ω outside of a rigid sphere and for the far-field sound generation. The velocity V is expressed as the sum of an image velocity v * and a known velocity v in 3 , which is induced by the same vorticity field Ω outside the sphere and the extension Ω = 0 inside. We(More)
The selection of articles for this issue of the ICASE Research Quarterly departs from the previous policy of presenting technical articles covering a variety of active research areas at ICASE; instead, the articles are devoted to a single topic: convergence acceleration in CFD. The articles for this special issue, solicited by Dr. Jim Jones, Staa Scientist(More)
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