Lu Tao

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Highly porous nanostructures with large surface areas are typically employed for electrical double-layer capacitors to improve gravimetric energy storage capacity; however, high surface area carbon-based electrodes result in poor volumetric capacitance because of the low packing density of porous materials. Here, we demonstrate ultrahigh volumetric(More)
The Guqin, a seven-stringed fretless zither, is the most representative traditional musical instrument in China. However, the complexity of its unique notation and theory has severely limited its popularity in the modern world. With the goal of providing an easy and effective way of learning Guqin, we have created an interactive learning system called(More)
Much effort has been devoted to the synthesis of novel nanostructured MnO2 materials because of their unique properties and potential applications as cathode catalyst in Microbial fuel cell. Hybrid MnO2 nanostructures were fabricated by a simple hydrothermal method in this study. Their crystal structures, morphology, and electrochemical characters were(More)
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