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Although Pdx1-VP16 expression induces hepatic cell transdifferentiation into pancreatic precursor cells (WB-1), these incompletely reprogrammed cells fail to become glucose-sensitive insulin-producing cells in the absence of the activation of late-stage pancreatic transcription factors. As Pax4 promotes late-stage β-cell differentiation and maturation, we(More)
Many previous studies demonstrate that hepatocytes can be reprogrammed into insulin-producing cells (IPCs) utilizing viral vector-mediated delivery of pancreatic transcription factors (PTFs). However, whether these liver-derived IPCs are susceptible to autoimmune attack in animal models of type 1 diabetes remains unclear, in part due to the immunogenicity(More)
Tumor cells trends to express high level of pyruvate kinase M2 (PKM2). The inhibition of PKM2 activity is needed for antioxidant response by diverting glucose flux into the pentose phosphate pathway and thus generating sufficient reducing potential. Here we report that PKM2 is succinylated at lysine 498 (K498) and succinylation increases its activity. SIRT5(More)
In view of the problem that the joint type multiple DOF Manipulator is easy to collide with the surrounding equipment and jitter caused by the joint movement, this paper based on the stamping manipulator of five DOF cylindrical coordinate type, planned a straight path through actual stamping process in Cartesian space and quadratic programmed by using a(More)
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