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Effects of propylthiouracil (PTU) administration on the synthesis and secretion of thyroglobulin in the rat thyroid gland: A quantitative immunoelectron microscopic study using immunogold technique
To clarify the effects of an antithyroid drug on the kinetics of thyroglobulin synthesis, secretion, and reabsorption in the thyroid follicles, propylthiouracil (PTU) was administered to rats and theExpand
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The effect of Bacillus megaterium (B.m) on 2-keto-L-gulonic acid (2-KGA) synthesis by Gluconobacter oxydans(G.o) was studied in Vc two-step fermentation process.By using ultrafiltration,BacillusExpand
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Crosstalk Analysis and Suppression for a Closed-Loop Active IGBT Gate Driver
This paper analyzes the crosstalk issues for a closed-loop active insulated gate bipolar transistor (IGBT) gate driver (AGD) based on di/dt and dv/dt detection and presents a crosstalk suppressionExpand
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Active Current Source IGBT Gate Drive With Closed-Loop di/dt and dv/dt Control
This paper proposes an active current source gate drive (ACSD) method based on voltage controlled current source(VCCS) feedback control strategy for high-power IGBTs. Unlike the common voltage sourceExpand
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Residual reduction algorithms for nonsymmetric saddle point problems
In this paper, we introduce and analyze Uzawa algorithms for non-symmetric saddle point systems. Convergence for the algorithms is established based on new spectral results about Schur complements. AExpand
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Comparative Morphology of Leaf Epidermis in the Fern Genus Phymatopteris(Polypodiaceae)
Leaf epidermises of 24 taxa,representing 2 series and 5 subseries of the genus Phymatopteris(Polypodiaceae),were examined by light microscopy(LM)and scanning electron microscopy(SEM)to determine theExpand
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The licensing conditions of Chinese possessive topicalization
The possessor of a possessive construction in Mandarin can be moved away from its possessee and serve as the topic of a sentence,but not all possessive constructions can be used in this way.ByExpand
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Identity-Based Signature Scheme with Partial Message Recovery
In this paper,the authors present a new identity-based signature scheme with message recovery.This scheme can be regarded as the identity-based version of Abe-Okamoto's scheme and is proved secureExpand
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A voltage controlled current source gate drive method for IGBT devices
To reduce the power dissipation and switching stress of high power IGBTs during switching transient, a new active gate drive method based on voltage controlled current source (VCCS) is proposed inExpand
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Multilevel Gradient Uzawa Algorithms for Symmetric Saddle Point Problems
In this paper, we introduce a general multilevel gradient Uzawa algorithm for symmetric saddle point systems. We compare its performance with the performance of the standard Uzawa multilevelExpand
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