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Complete Transfer of Perceptual Learning across Retinal Locations Enabled by Double Training
Practice improves discrimination of many basic visual features, such as contrast, orientation, and positional offset. Perceptual learning of many of these tasks is found to be retinal locationExpand
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Rule-Based Learning Explains Visual Perceptual Learning and Its Specificity and Transfer
Visual perceptual learning models, as constrained by orientation and location specificities, propose that learning either reflects changes in V1 neuronal tuning or reweighting specific V1 inputs inExpand
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Decoupling location specificity from perceptual learning of orientation discrimination
Perceptual learning of orientation discrimination is reported to be precisely specific to the trained retinal location. This specificity is often taken as evidence for localizing the site ofExpand
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Stimulus Coding Rules for Perceptual Learning
Perceptual learning of visual features occurs when multiple stimuli are presented in a fixed sequence (temporal patterning), but not when they are presented in random order (roving). This points toExpand
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