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With nonrelativistic QCD factorization, we present the first complete next-to-leading order study on the polarization of prompt J/ψ hadroproduction by including feeddown from χ(c)((3)P(J)(1),(3)S(1)(8)) and ψ(2s) which turn out to be very important parts. By using the color-octet long-distance matrix elements obtained from a combined fit of the measurements(More)
Based on the nonrelativistic QCD factorization scheme, we present the first complete next-to-leading-order study on the yield and polarization of Υ(1S,2S,3S) hadroproduction. By using the color-octet long-distance matrix elements obtained from fits of the experimental measurements on Υ yield and polarization at the Tevatron and LHC, our results can explain(More)
We propose to determine the proton electric form-factor G E at high Q2 by measuring the transverse asymmetry Ax in the 3 ~ He(~e, e′p)d reaction. We present a doublepolarization approach distinct both from a cross-section measurement and recoil polarimetry. As the key instrument we propose to use the two-body breakup of polarized 3He acting as an effective(More)
We propose a measurement of double-polarization observables in the d(~e, e′~ p) reaction to investigate the spin structure of the deuteron. The individual components P ′ x and P ′ z, measured in parallel kinematics and in a broad range of pm, will reveal the dynamics of the deuteron spin structure and the manifestation of the D-state component in the(More)
FDCHQHP is a Fortran package to calculate the transverse momentum(pt) distribution of yield and polarization for heavy quarkonium hadroproduction at nextto-leading-order (NLO) based on non-relativistic QCD(NRQCD) framework. It contains the complete color-singlet and color-octet intermediate states in present theoretical level, and is available to calculate(More)
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