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How an insect evolves to become a successful herbivore is of profound biological and practical importance. Herbivores are often adapted to feed on a specific group of evolutionarily and biochemically related host plants, but the genetic and molecular bases for adaptation to plant defense compounds remain poorly understood. We report the first whole-genome(More)
The shrinking processor feature size, lower threshold voltage and increasing clock frequency make modern processors highly vulnerable to transient faults. Architectural Vulnerability Factor (AVF) reflects the possibility that a transient fault eventually causes a visible error in the program output, and it indicates a system's susceptibility to transient(More)
The cloud model, which can synthetically describe the randomness and fuzziness of qualitative concepts and implement uncertain transformations between a qualitative concept and its quantitative instantiations, has attracted considerable attention from researchers studying multi-criteria group decision-making problems involving linguistic information. In(More)
— We present a comprehensive study on the performance and power consumption of a recent ATI GPU. By employing a rigorous statistical model to analyze execution behaviors of representative general-purpose GPU (GPGPU) applications , we conduct insightful investigations on the target GPU architecture. Our results demonstrate that the GPU execution throughput(More)
—In recent years, modern graphics processing units have been widely adopted in high performance computing areas to solve large scale computation problems. The leading GPU manufacturers Nvidia and ATI have introduced series of products to the market. While sharing many similar design concepts, GPUs from these two manufacturers differ in several aspects on(More)
As Chip Multiprocessor (CMP) has become the mainstream in processor architectures, Intel and AMD have introduced their dual-core processors to the PC market. In this paper, performance studies on an Intel Core 2 Duo, an Intel Pentium D and an AMD Athlon 64X2 processor are reported. According to the design specifications, key derivations exist in the(More)
In recent years, single-ISA heterogeneous chip multipro-cessors (CMP) consisting of big high-performance cores and small power-saving cores on the same die have been proposed for the exploration of high energy-efficiency. On such heterogeneous platforms, an appropriate runtime scheduling policy lies at the heart of program executions to benefit from the(More)
Quality of service (QoS) management is widely employed to provide differentiable performance to programs with distinctive priorities on conventional chip multi-processor (CMP) platforms. Recently, heterogeneous architecture integrating diverse processor cores on the same silicon has been proposed to better serve various application domains and it is(More)
Computer architects usually evaluate new designs using cycle-accurate processor simulation. This approach provides a detailed insight into processor performance, power consumption and complexity. However, only configurations in a subspace can be simulated in practice due to long simulation time and limited resource, leading to suboptimal conclusions which(More)