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BACKGROUND Orang-utans exist today in small isolated populations on the islands of Borneo (subspecies Pongo pygmaeus pygmaeus) and Sumatra (subspecies P. p. abelii). Although, on the basis of their morphological, behavioral and cytogenetical characteristics, the Bornean and Sumatran orang-utan populations are generally considered as two separate subspecies,(More)
Climate change is expected to impact ecosystems directly, such as through shifting climatic controls on species ranges, and indirectly, for example through changes in human land use that may result in habitat loss. Shifting patterns of agricultural production in response to climate change have received little attention as a potential impact pathway for(More)
Clinical nursing teaching is a key stage to improve student's ability to associate theory and practice. However, the current educational methods in China are still based on imparting knowledge, and neglect the development of student's ability to study initiative (1). In order to improve the clinical teaching quality, our department implemented a new method(More)
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