Lu Hong Diao

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BACKGROUND Motion perception may be preserved after damage to striate cortex (primary visual cortex, area V1). Awareness and normal discrimination of fast-moving stimuli have been observed even in the complete absence of V1. These facts suggest that motion-sensitive cortex (the V5/MT complex or V5/MT+) may be activated by direct thalamic or collicular(More)
Previous studies have shown deficits in DA neuronal systems in senescence. Other studies indicate that prolonged dietary restriction can attenuate many of the detrimental effects of age. We have shown previously using in vivo electrochemistry that K+-evoked striatal DA overflow decreases as a function of age. This was a regional effect that appeared to be(More)
This paper proposed an edge detection scheme which is deduced from Fresnel diffraction. Analysis in this paper shows that Fresnel convolution kernel function performs well on edge enhancement when images are transformed into complex functions. Due to its mathematical complexity, the method is simplified into a linear convolution filter. The new edge(More)