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Hierarchical Remote Sensing Image Analysis via Graph Laplacian Energy
Segmentation and classification are important tasks in remote sensing image analysis. Expand
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Building extraction in urban areas from satellite images using GIS data as prior information
A building extraction method based on segmentation is proposed based on satellite imagery and GIS data. Expand
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Edge Detection Based on Odd Gabor Filter and Rayleigh Distribution
In order to realize edge detection adaptively and effectively,this paper presents an edge detection algorithm based on odd Gabor filter and Rayleigh distribution.To obtain the edge response,anExpand
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Remote Sensing Image Registration Based on SIFT and the Distance Between Generalized Tight Pair-wise Prototypes
SIFT(Scale Invariant Feature Transform) and its application on remote sensing image registration is discussed in this paper.First,the keypoint-based framework of remote sensing image registration isExpand
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Review : Recent advances in efficient computation of deep convolutional neural networks
Deep neural networks have evolved remarkably over the past few years and they are currently the fundamental tools of many intelligent systems. At the same time, the computational complexity andExpand
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Concept, Contents and Methods of Artificial Life
Artificial Life is a new subject that developed very quickly. The concepts and contents of Arti-ficial Life are introduced,the two research ways include bioscience ways and engineering ways areExpand
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In this paper, we propose an effective fusion scheme of audio and visual modals for highlight detection in broadcast soccer videos. The Adaboost learning is adopted to learn some discriminating audioExpand
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On the Development of Students' Comprehensive Qualities and Abilities by Means of Course Design
This paper concerns itself with the meits and the methods of course design in developing college students' comprehensive qualities, such as innovative abilities, and further envisages a reform on howExpand
We examine the issue of color distortion after enhancement in this study and proposed an algorithm named normalized SI correction to correct intensity and saturation components based on theirExpand