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Our previous work had proved that accuracy profile theory could be employed as a means of validating one PLS model in Chinese material medica system. In this paper, accuracy profile theory is proposed as a powerful decision tool to demonstrate the prediction performance of multi-model at each concentration level rather than all concentration levels. Partial(More)
To meet with the ever-increasing needs of large-scale multimedia applications, a streaming media system has to be both secure and scalable. Conventional P2P technology used in streaming media could solve the problem of scalability and bandwidth bottleneck of traditional CIS architecture but still have problems in handling security for losing central(More)
The main controlled variable of aeroengine control is thrust, while many problems such as over-temperature and surge may arise in the process of pursuing propulsion requirements. This causes a contradiction between engine performance and safety. The existing strategies can solve the contradiction by switching among different control loops, but they will(More)
A methodology is proposed to estimate the multivariate detection limits (MDL) of on-line near-infrared (NIR) model in Chinese Herbal Medicines (CHM) system. In this paper, Lonicera japonica was used as an example, and its extraction process was monitored by on-line NIR spectroscopy. Spectra of on-line NIR could be collected by two fiber optic probes(More)
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