Luíz Fernando Lolli

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Hydroethanol (HE) and methanol (ME) extracts obtained from the leaves of Passiflora actinia Hooker were evaluated for behavioral effects in mice. Single-dose oral administration of HE (300 and 600 mg/kg) or ME (100 and 300 mg/kg) resulted in anxiolytic-like effects in the elevated plus-maze. The anxiolytic-like effects were also seen after the repeated(More)
BACKGROUND The increased prevalence of malocclusions represents a secular trend attributed to the interaction of genetic and environmental factors. The analysis of factors related to the causes of these changes is essential for planning public health policies aimed at preventing and clinically intercepting malocclusion. This study investigated the sucking(More)
PURPOSE The purpose of this paper was to study the pattern of breast-feeding and harmful sucking habits (pacifier- and thumb-sucking) from birth to 12-months-old. METHODS A prospective cohort study with 80 newborn infants and their mothers was conducted. A semi-structured questionnaire on breast-feeding and pacifier- and thumb-sucking behavior was(More)
UNLABELLED The relationship between mother and child in the context of oral health has traditionally been exposed by the scientific literature in microbiology, which lacks a broad and necessary discussion of health and illness seen as processes, both biological and social. OBJECTIVE Investigate the family social determinants associated with the caries(More)
AIM This study focused on the risk factors in mother-child relationship that predispose babies to the development of dental caries. METHODS A prospective cohort study with 80 mother-child pairs was conducted. The mothers responded at 12, 18 and 30 months after their children's birth, to questions about variables related to diet, sucking habits, and oral(More)
The scope of this study was to discuss the administrative sustainability of Brazil's Vocational Health Schools (ETSUS) based on the principle of teaching and service integration, which brings a new dimension to healthcare work as yet unregulated by Brazilian public administration. It was a qualitative study using case study methodology. The research(More)
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