Luísa Soares

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This study aimed to assess the degree of contamination of bulk tank milk (BTM) by Staphylococcus spp. and coliform bacteria and to identify major milking practices that help perpetuate them in dairy cattle herds in São Miguel Island. In July 2014, BTM was sampled and a survey concerning local milking practices was conducted on 100 herds. Semi quantitative(More)
Stroke is one of the most common causes of acquired disability, leaving numerous adults with cognitive and motor impairments, and affecting patients’ capability to live independently. There is substancial evidence on post-stroke cognitive rehabilitation benefits, but its implementation is generally limited by the use of paper-and-pencil methods,(More)
—Some of the ideas/categories that resulted from this work suggest a common language should be built between different professionals who work together: i) Consider the human side of technology; ii) Important behaviours for team work are complementarity, cohesion and synchronization ; iii) attention to details motivates students; iv) Stimulate new(More)
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