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Centromeres are the site of kinetochore formation during mitosis. Centromere protein A (CENP-A), the centromere-specific histone H3 variant, is essential for the epigenetic maintenance of centromere position. Previously we showed that newly synthesized CENP-A is targeted to centromeres exclusively during early G1 phase and is subsequently maintained across(More)
Mobile phones are a widespread platform for ICT applications because they are highly pervasive in contemporary society. Hence, we can think of mobile gaming as a serious candidate to being a prominent form of entertainment in the near future. However, most games (for computers, console and mobile devices) make extensive use of the visual medium, which tends(More)
This article presents a new architecture to implement all game loop models for games and real-time applications that use the GPU as a mathematics and physics coprocessor, working in parallel processing mode with the CPU. The presented model applies automatic task distribution concepts. The architecture can apply a set of heuristics defined in Lua scripts in(More)
This paper presents the use of GPU as a math co-processor in real-time applications, in special games and physics simulation. Game loop architecture is used to validate the use of GPU such as math and physics co-processor, thus it is shown by this paper a new game loop architecture that employs graphics processors (GPUs) for general purpose computation(More)
This article concerns the use of a graphics processor unit (GPU) as a math co-processor in real-time applications in special games and physics simulations. To validate this approach, we present a new game loop architecture that employs GPUs for general-purpose computations (GPGPUs). A critical issue here is the process distribution between the CPU and the(More)
Due to the real time nature of computer games, the main concerns of game developers have been related to efficiency of algorithm execution and visual presentation, instead of code reusability and maintenance. In order to support these concerns, game developers usually have been implementing all the required functionality to build a game, from scratch, in(More)