Luís Taniça

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Accurate characterization of modern systems and applications requires run-time and simultaneous assessment of several executionrelated parameters. Although hardware monitoring facilities in modern multi-cores allow low-level profiling, it is not always easy to convert the acquired data into insightful information. For this, a low-overhead monitoring tool(More)
In this article, we propose a general framework for fine-grain application-aware task management in heterogeneous embedded platforms, which allows integration of different mechanisms for an efficient resource utilization, frequency scaling, and task migration. The proposed framework incorporates several components for accurate runtime monitoring by relying(More)
In the dark silicon era, achieving energy-efficient execution on highly heterogeneous platforms requires a much tighter integration of hardware and software solutions. To tackle this problem, we propose a framework for energy-aware task management in heterogeneous embedded systems with several multi-core clusters. The proposed framework integrates a set of(More)
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