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Background: Disturbed flow conditions at the bifurcation of common carotid artery and proximal internal carotid artery plays an important role in the development of local atherosclerotic plaques, which are important causes of stroke. Being able to build 3D models based on ultrasound imaging can improve diagnostic assessment and support interventions like(More)
INTRODUCTION The general worldwide increase in metabolic syndrome (MS) among most populations may result in more individuals with sexual dysfunction. AIM To provide an update on clinical and experimental evidence regarding sexual dysfunction in patients with MS from both sexes and treatment modalities. METHODS A comprehensive literature review was(More)
The main purpose of this paper is to introduce some new non-conventional applications to allow the exploitation of today's mobile phone resources, namely their connectivity capabilities to other devices. There is a great potential for applications to take advantage of these available resources, to perceive and interact with the world around us, namely to(More)
High-resolution melting (HRM) analysis is a very attractive and flexible advanced post-PCR method with high sensitivity/specificity for simple, fast and cost-effective genotyping based on the detection of specific melting profiles of PCR products. Next generation real-time PCR systems, along with improved saturating DNA-binding dyes, enable the direct(More)
OBJECTIVE Laparoscopic ureteropyeloplasty is a widely accepted treatment option for the obstructed ureteropelvic junction (UPJ). Although it is often a straightforward surgical procedure, there may be technical difficulties in the case of concomitant stone burden, with multiple calicial, small, mobile stones. The authors describe a modification to the(More)
Many studies have reported a negative impact of lifestyle factors on testicular function, spermatozoa parameters and pituitary-gonadal axis. However, conclusions are difficult to draw, since studies in the general population are rare. In this study we intended to address the early and late short-term impact of acute lifestyle alterations on young men's(More)
Gaze information has the potential to benefit Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) tasks, particularly when combined with speech. Gaze can improve our understanding of the user intention, as a secondary input modality, or it can be used as the main input modality by users with some level of permanent or temporary impairments. In this paper we describe a(More)
All papers of the present volume were peer reviewed by no less that two independent reviewers. Acceptance was granted when both reviewers' recommendations were positive. Abstract:-Recently there has been an increase of interest in implementing a new set of home energy management devices that integrate Information Technologies, the Internet of Things and the(More)