Luís S. Reis

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We present and evaluate an approach for the run-time conformance checking of Java classes against property-driven algebraic specifications. Our proposal consists in determining, at run-time, whether the classes subject to analysis behave as required by the specification. The key idea is to reduce the conformance checking problem to the runtime monitoring of(More)
INTRODUCTION Colonic metastases are rare, and usually secondary from malignant tumours of the stomach, breast, ovarian, cervix, kidney, lung, prostate, or skin. Around one third are asymptomatic or found only at autopsy. CASE REPORT A middle-aged male smoker, who had a small cell carcinoma of the lung diagnosed two years previously and treated with(More)
The authors report a rare case of shock in a patient without significant clinical history, admitted to the intensive care unit for suspected septic shock. The patient was initially treated with fluid therapy without improvement. A hypothesis of systemic capillary leak syndrome was postulated following the confirmation of severe hypoalbuminemia, hypotension,(More)
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