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Biosynthetic nerve grafts are desired as alternative to autologous nerve grafts in peripheral nerve reconstruction. Artificial nerve conduits still have their limitations and are not widely accepted in the clinical setting. Here we report an analysis of fine-tuned chitosan tubes used to reconstruct 10 mm nerve defects in the adult rat. The chitosan tubes(More)
Microfluidic devices can form emulsions that are highly uniform in size; [1–3] they can also form compound emulsions, in which each supradroplet contains exactly the same number of internal droplets, packed in exactly the same configuration. [4–6] Because the drops can be formed with a highly controlled structure and uniformity, they are useful as templates(More)
BACKGROUND Enterococci have emerged as the third most common cause of nosocomial infections, requiring bactericidal antimicrobial therapy. Although vancomycin resistance is a major problem in clinics and has emerged in an important extend in farm animals, few studies have examined it in wild animals. To determine the prevalence of vanA-containing(More)
Falling, and the fear of falling, is a serious health problem among the elderly. It often results in physical and mental injuries that have the potential to severely reduce their mobility, independence and overall quality of life. Nevertheless, the consequences of a fall can be largely diminished by providing fast assistance. These facts have lead to the(More)
Dear Editor, Peripheral nerve injuries represent a major cause for morbidity and disability in affected patients and cause substantial costs for society in a global perspective. It has been estimated that peripheral nerve injuries affect 2.8% of trauma patients, many of whom acquire lifelong disability (Noble et al., 1998). With respect to an incidence of(More)
Salmonellosis is one of the most common and widely distributed foodborne diseases. The emergence of Salmonella strains that are resistant to a variety of antimicrobials is a serious global public health concern. Salmonella enterica serovar Typhimurium definitive phage type 104 (DT104) is one of these emerging epidemic multidrug resistant strains. Here we(More)
Wireless Capsule Endoscope (WCE) is an innovative imaging device that permits physicians to examine all the areas of the Gastrointestinal (GI) tract. It is especially important for the small intestine, where traditional invasive endoscopies cannot reach. Although WCE represents an extremely important advance in medical imaging, a major drawback that remains(More)
ORIGINALES Resumen Objetivos: Estimar y comparar las preferencias de los ciu-dadanos sobre la priorización de pacientes en lista de espe-ra para cirugía de cataratas. Método: Análisis de conjunto. Identificación y selección de criterios de priorización: 4 grupos focales/nominales de po-blación general, pacientes/familiares, profesionales relacio-nados, y(More)
A presente comunica98o versa sobre o SEPP, o Processo de Desenvolvimento, Produ98o e Manuten98o de Software para Sistemas de Telecomunica9Jes da SIEMENS. Pretende dar uma ideia global de um piano que se destina a projectos de grande envergadura, como e o caso do desenvolvimento de software para sistemas de telecomunica96es pOblicas (por exemplo, o conhecido(More)