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BACKGROUND Deafness and handicapping sensorineural hearing impairment occur frequently in neonatal intensive care unit survivors for unknown reasons. PATIENTS AND METHODS Hearing was tested early and repeatedly in neonatal intensive care unit patients with an auditory brainstem response (ABR) screener. The temporal bones of 15 nonsurvivors (30 ears) were(More)
BACKGROUND Invasive candidiasis is an increasing problem in neonatal intensive care units worldwide and is an important cause of morbidity, mortality and prolongation of hospital stay. Despite administration of amphotericin B, invasive candidiasis in neonates is sometimes complicated by persistent fungemia and refractory invasive candidiasis. The problem(More)
OBJECTIVE To use a newly applied hearing screening technique for early measurement in neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) patients to learn more about the high incidence of hearing loss in this population. METHODS An automated, portable infant hearing screener that measures the auditory brain-stem response at the bedside was used at the NICU of the(More)
Falling, and the fear of falling, is a serious health problem among the elderly. It often results in physical and mental injuries that have the potential to severely reduce their mobility, independence and overall quality of life. Nevertheless, the consequences of a fall can be largely diminished by providing fast assistance. These facts have lead to the(More)
Currently, a number of studies focus on the study and design of new healthcare technologies to improve elderly health and quality of life. Taking advantage of the popularity, portability, and inherent technology of smartphones, we present an emergency application for smartphones, designated as knock-to-panic (KTP). This innovative and novel system enables(More)
The cryptorchidism results from abnormalities in the formation and testicular descent during the embryonic period 4. It is present in 6% of newborns at term and in 0.8% of infants under one year of age. Can be bilateral in up to 10% of cases, and sometimes is associated with other defects in genitourinary tract 5. The most feared complication of undescended(More)
A presente comunica98o versa sobre o SEPP, o Processo de Desenvolvimento, Produ98o e Manuten98o de Software para Sistemas de Telecomunica9Jes da SIEMENS. Pretende dar uma ideia global de um piano que se destina a projectos de grande envergadura, como e o caso do desenvolvimento de software para sistemas de telecomunica96es pOblicas (por exemplo, o conhecido(More)
Wireless Capsule Endoscope (WCE) is an innovative imaging device that permits physicians to examine all the areas of the Gastrointestinal (GI) tract. It is especially important for the small intestine, where traditional invasive endoscopies cannot reach. Although WCE represents an extremely important advance in medical imaging, a major drawback that remains(More)
In this work we propose a novel method for identifying individuals based on retinal fundus image matching. The method is based on the image registration of retina blood vessels, since it is known that the retina vasculature of an individual is a signature, i.e., a distinctive pattern of the individual. The proposed image registration consists of a(More)