Luís Paquete

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This paper describes a racing procedure for finding, in a limited amount of time, a configuration of a metaheuristic that performs as good as possible on a given instance class of a combinatorial optimization problem. Taking inspiration from methods proposed in the machine learning literature for model selection through cross-validation, we propose a(More)
In this article, we study Pareto local optimum sets for the biobjective Traveling Salesman Problem applying straightforward extensions of local search algorithms for the single objective case. The performance of the local search algorithms is illustrated by experimental results obtained for well known benchmark instances and comparisons to methods from(More)
The main goal of this paper is to attempt an unbiased comparison of the performance of straightforward implementations of five different metaheuristics on a university course timetabling problem. In particular, the metaheuristics under consideration are Evolutionary Algorithms, Ant Colony Optimization, Iterated Local Search, Simulated Annealing, and Tabu(More)
The goal of multiobjective optimization is to find a set of best compromise solutions for typically conflicting objectives. Due to the complex nature of most real-life problems, only an approximation to such an optimal set can be obtained within reasonable (computing) time. To compare such approximations, and thereby the performance of multiobjective(More)
This article proposes the Two-Phase Local Search for finding a good approximate set of non-dominated solutions. The two phases of this procedure are to (i) generate an initial solution by optimizing only one single objective, and then (ii) to start from this solution a search for non-dominated solutions exploiting a sequence of different formulations of the(More)
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We present variants of an ant colony optimization (MO-ACO) algorithm and of an evolutionary algorithm (SPEA2) for tackling multi-objective combinatorial optimization problems, hybridized with an iterative improvement algorithm and the Robust Tabu Search algorithm. The performance of the resulting hybrid stochastic local search (SLS) algorithms is(More)
This article analyzes the performance of metaheuristics on the vehicle routing problem with stochastic demands (VRPSD). The problem is known to have a computational demanding objective function, which could turn to be infeasible when large instances are considered. Fast approximations of the objective function are therefore appealing because they would(More)