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The design of modern scientific experiments requires the control and monitoring of many different data streams. However, the serial execution of programming instructions in a computer makes it a challenge to develop software that can deal with the asynchronous, parallel nature of scientific data. Here we present Bonsai, a modular, high-performance,(More)
We report the clinical case where the sudden onset of a Cotard syndrome in a 69 year old lady lead to the discovery of a multifocal glioblastoma in the right temporo-parietal lobe. Cotard's syndrome is a rare psychiatric disorder in which the afflicted patient believes he or she is dead. These nihilistic thoughts are the expression of a rare syndrome first(More)
This paper is intended as an overview of the REC project. Hence, its starts with a description of the original goals and the reasons which led us to restructure the proposed workplan. A short summary of the main results in each task is then included, followed by a section on which were, in the opinion of the consortium members, the strongest and weakest(More)
OBJECTIVES This study sought to explore the views and experiences of healthy young adults concerning the fundamental features of a cancer prevention smartphone app that seeks behaviour change. METHODS Three focus groups were conducted with 16 healthy young adults that explored prior experiences, points of view and opinions about currently available(More)
BACKGROUND To understand the impacts of global changes on future community compositions, knowledge of community dynamics is of crucial importance. To improve our knowledge of community composition, biomass stock and maintenance of gallery forests in the Brazilian Cerrado, we provide two datasets from the 0.5 ha Corrego Fazendinha Gallery Forest Dynamics(More)
Cancer is one of the leading causes of death worldwide, and thus represents a priority for national public health programs. Prevention has been assumed as the best strategy to reduce cancer burden, however most cancer prevention programs are implemented by healthcare professionals, which constrain range and educational impacts. We developed an innovative(More)
Two new conjugated porphyrin-based systems (dimers 3 and 4) endowed with suitable crown ethers have been synthesized as receptors for a fullerene-ammonium salt derivative (1). Association constants in solution have been determined by UV-vis titration experiments in CH2Cl2 at room temperature. The designed hosts are able to associate up to two(More)
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