Luís Moreira-Matias

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Informed driving is becoming a key feature to increase the sustainability of taxi companies. The sensors installed in each vehicle are providing new opportunities to automatically discover knowledge, which in return deliver information for realtime decision making. Intelligent transportation systems for taxi dispatching and time-saving route finding are(More)
Intelligent transportation systems based on automated data collection frameworks are widely used by the major transit companies around the globe. This paper describes the current state of the art on improving both planning and control on public road transportation companies using automatic vehicle location (AVL) data. By surveying this topic, the(More)
Informed driving is becoming a key feature to increase the sustainability of taxi companies. Some recent works are exploring the data broadcasted by each vehicle to provide live information for decision making. In this paper, we propose a method to employ a learning model based on historical GPS data in a real-time environment. Our goal is to predict the(More)
Text Categorization (TC) has attracted the attention of the research community in the last decade. Algorithms like Support Vector Machines, Naïve Bayes or k Nearest Neighbors have been used with good performance, confirmed by several comparative studies. Recently, several ensemble classifiers were also introduced in TC. However, many of those can only(More)
In the last decade, the real-time vehicle location systems attracted everyone attention for the new kind of rich spatio-temporal information. The fast processing of this large amount of information is a growing and explosive challenge. Taxi companies are already exploring such information in efficient taxi dispatching and time-saving route finding. In this(More)
In highly populated urban zones, it is common to notice headway deviations (HD) between pairs of buses. When these events occur in a bus stop, they often cause bus bunching (BB) in the following bus stops. Several proposals have been suggested to mitigate this problem. In this paper, we propose to find BBS (Bunching Black Spots) – sequences of bus stops(More)
Private car commuting is heavily dependent on the subsidisation that exists in the form of available free parking. However, the public funding policy of such free parking has been changing over the last years, with a substantial increase of meter-charged parking areas in many cities. To help to increase the sustainability of car transportation, a novel(More)
Vehicular sensing is emerging as a powerful mean to collect information using the variety of sensors that equip modern vehicles. These sensors range from simple speedometers to complex video capturing systems capable of performing image recognition. The advent of connected vehicles makes such information accessible nearly in real-time and creates a sensing(More)