Luís Monteiro

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In an attempt to devise a general notion of model for spatial logic, we have been led to consider transition systems with an additional so-called spatial structure on the states, with both the transition and the spatial structures described in coalgebraic terms. In this paper we argue that such transition systems with spatial structure can be seen as a(More)
We present Delta Prolog, a distributed logic programming language that extends Prolog to include AND-parallelism (in a single processor or across a network of processors), interprocess communication via message passing with two-way pattern matching, interprocess synchronization with simultaneous message passing, and distributed backtracking among a family(More)
Depression is a serious and common psychiatric disorder that affects millions of people around the world. A growing body of scientific literature has correlated depression with dysfunction in the region of the frontal lobes and consequently, executive dysfunction. The aim of this study was to examine performance of executive functioning in patients with(More)