Luís Miguel Gomes Tavares

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In this letter we present new and simple closed form expressions for the true Cramér-Rao lower bound (CRB) for data-aided (DA) joint and individual carrier frequency offset and symbol timing estimation from a linearly modulated waveform transmitted over an AWGN channel. The bounds are derived under a carrier-phase-independent (CPI) estimation strategy(More)
In this correspondence, we propose a new feedforward frequency offset or single frequency estimator which is based on a single weighted sample correlation with lag k, computed from N noisy observations. The new estimator is a simple generalization of the unweighted Lank-Reed-Pollon (LRP) estimator introduced in [G. W. Lank, I. S. Reed, and G. E. Pollon, ";A(More)
In this report we derive new results for the statistics of the random variable z , ∑N n=1 x 2 n = zI + jzQ = re jφ where the {xn} are a set of mutually independent complex-valued Gaussian random variables with either zero or non-zero means and equal variance. Each random variable xn is assumed to have independent real and imaginary components with equal(More)
|A non data-aided (NDA) feedforward symbol synchronizer based upon the maximum-likelihood (ML) criterion is proposed. The accuracy of the proposed algorithm is assessed by simulation using QPSK signaling. The results show that the performance of the proposed synchronizer is very close to the theoretical limit and is also signi cantly better than that of(More)
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