Luís Magalhães

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In the last decade, an increasing number of techniques have been developed to reproduce high dynamic range imagery on traditional displays. These techniques, known as Tone Mapping Operators (TMOs), have been compared and ranked in different ways according to several image characteristics. However, none of these algorithms has been developed specifically for(More)
This paper presents a case study regarding the usability evaluation of navigation tasks by people with intellectual disabilities. The aim was to investigate the factors affecting usability, by comparing their user-Web interactions and underline the difficulties observed. For that purpose, two distinct study phases were performed: the first consisted in(More)
In recent years there has been a boom of different natural interaction paradigms, such as touch, tangible or gesture-based interfaces, that make better use of human's innate skills rather than imposing new learning processes. However, no work has been reported that systematically evaluates how these interfaces influence users' performance with regard to(More)