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Unconscious knowledge: A survey
  • Luís M. Augusto
  • Psychology, Medicine
  • Advances in cognitive psychology
  • 4 March 2011
The concept of unconscious knowledge is fundamental for an understanding of human thought processes and mentation in general; however, the psychological community at large is not familiar with it.Expand
Unconscious Representations 1: Belying the Traditional Model of Human Cognition
The traditional model of human cognition (TMHC) postulates an ontological and/or structural gap between conscious and unconscious mental representations. By and large, it sees higher-level mentalExpand
Unconscious Representations 2: Towards an Integrated Cognitive Architecture
The representational nature of human cognition and thought in general has been a source of controversies. This is particularly so in the context of studies of unconscious cognition, in whichExpand
Putting the horse before the cart: a pragmatist analysis of knowledge
The definition of knowledge as justified true belief is the best we presently have. However, the canonical tripartite analysis of knowledge does not do justice to it due to a Platonic conception of aExpand
Who's Afraid of Idealism?
Albertus Magnus and the Emergence of late Medieval Intellectualism
Albertus Magnus was at the head of the late medieval Latin reception of both the near-totality of the esoteric texts of Aristotle and of the Arab thought that accompanied it (the Aristoteles arabus )Expand
Idéalisme médiéval : l'idéalisme épistémologique des XIIIe et XIVe siècles
Contre l'histoire canonique de la philosophie occidentale, cette these demontre que non seulement il y eut de l'idealisme aux XIIIe et XIVe siecles (en l'occurrence un idealisme epistemologique),Expand
A little idealism is idealism enough : A study on idealism in Aristotle's epistemology
Given the evidence available today, we know that the later Middle Ages knew strong forms of idealism. However, Plato alone will not do to explain some of its features. Aristotle was the mostExpand