Luís L. Fonseca

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According to previous reports, Lactococcus lactis imports glucose via two distinct phosphoenolpyruvate:phosphotransferase systems (mannose-PTS and cellobiose-PTS) and one or more unknown non-PTS permease(s). GlcU was identified as the sole non-PTS permease involved in the transport of glucose. Additionally, the biochemical properties of PTS(Man), PTS(Cel)(More)
The effect of pH on the glucose metabolism of non-growing cells of L. lactis MG1363 was studied by in vivo NMR in the range 4.8 to 6.5. Immediate pH effects on glucose transporters and/or enzyme activities were distinguished from transcriptional/translational effects by using cells grown at the optimal pH of 6.5 or pre-adjusted to low pH by growth at 5.1.(More)
BACKGROUND Comparing metabolic profiles under different biological perturbations has become a powerful approach to investigating the functioning of cells. The profiles can be taken as single snapshots of a system, but more information is gained if they are measured longitudinally over time. The results are short time series consisting of relatively sparse(More)
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