Luís Freire

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This study examined emergent coordination processes in collective patterns of behavior in 3 vs 3 sub-phases of the team sport of association football near the scoring zone. We identified coordination tendencies for the centroid (i.e., team center) and surface area (i.e., occupied space) of each sub-group of performers (n=20 plays). We also compared these(More)
  • André W B Furtado, André L M Santos, Av Professor, Luís Freire
  • 2006
This paper proposes that computer games development, in spite of its inherently creative and innovative nature, is subject of systematic industrialization targeted at predictability and productivity. The proposed approach encompasses visual domain-specific languages, semantic validators and code generators to make game developers and designers to work more(More)
  • Aluizio R F Araújo, Diogo C Costa, Av Professor, Luís Freire
  • 2007
— A new self-organizing map with variable topology is introduced for image segmentation. The proposed network, called Local Adaptive Receptive Field Self-organizing Map (LARFSOM-RBF), is a two-stage network capable of both color and border segment images. The color segmentation stage is responsibility of LARFSOM which is characterized by adaptive number of(More)
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