Luís Fonseca

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STUDY OBJECTIVE There are no studies in Portugal supporting a common claim that most emergency department visits are inappropriate. The aim of this study was to determine the prevalence of and to evaluate factors associated with an appropriate ED visit in a major public hospital. METHODS A cross-sectional prospective study was performed at a public(More)
Peroxidases have conquered a prominent position in biotechnology and associated research areas (enzymology, biochemistry, medicine, genetics, physiology, histo- and cytochemistry). They are one of the most extensively studied groups of enzymes and the literature is rich in research papers dating back from the 19th century. Nevertheless, peroxidases continue(More)
The Saccharomyces cerevisiae W303-1A strain transformed with a centromeric plasmid containing CYPRO11, which codifies the aspartic protease cyprosin B, was grown in a 3 l bioreactor under aerobic conditions. Expression of cyprosin B is directly dependent on the concentration of galactose used as the inducer and carbon source in 1% yeast extract, 2%(More)
The importance of controlling the expression of heterologous cutinase in a recombinant Saccharomyces cerevisiae SU50 strain was investigated. Maximum specific growth rate and the biomass yield increased 1.91 and 1.16 fold, respectively, when cutinase production was induced by galactose in a pre-fermentation step. However, only 19% of specific cell activity(More)
This study focused on the growth of Saccha-romyces cerevisiae MM01 recombinant strains and the respective production of three extracellular heterologous cutinases: a wild-type cutinase and two cutinases in which the primary structure was fused with the peptides (WP)(2) and (WP)(4), respectively. Different cultivation and strategies were tested in a 2-L(More)
The recovery of cutinase of Fusarium solani pisi produced by the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae was studied in a fluidised bed adsorption system directly integrated with a productive fermenter (so-called direct product sequestration; DPS). The relative efficiency of this system was compared with the one of a conventional purification process by discrete(More)
The main objective of this work was studying and testing the nature and influence of reaction media (organic solvent vs. miniemulsion system) on the synthesis of alkyl esters catalyzed by Fusarium solani pisi cutinase. Ester synthesis and cutinase selectivity for different chain length of acids and alcohols (ethyl and hexyl) were evaluated. In iso-octane,(More)
Accurate disease diagnosis in animals is crucial for animal well-being but also for preventing zoonosis transmission to humans. In particular, livestock diseases may constitute severe threats to humans due to the particularly high physical contact and exposure and, also, be the cause of important economic losses, even in non-endemic countries, where they(More)
Since the fundamental discovery of the giant magnetoresistance many spintronic devices have been developed and implemented in our daily life (e.g. information storage and automotive industry). Lately, advances in the sensors technology (higher sensitivity, smaller size) have potentiated other applications, namely in the biological area, leading to the(More)
In this paper the biological limit of detection of a spin-valve-based magnetoresistive biochip applied to the detection of 20 mer ssDNA hybridization events is presented. Two reactional variables and their impact on the biomolecular recognition efficiency are discussed. Both the influence of a 250 nm diameter magnetic particle attached to the target(More)