Luís Flores

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This paper describes the development of a multi-robot system for Area Reduction in Humanitarian Demining. In spite of the specific requirements imposed to the work being carried out by the Humanitarian Demining domain, the results being achieved can also be used in other domains such as surveillance and remote monitoring. A multi-agent based architecture is(More)
—As automated manufacturing systems become more and more complex, the need for new methodologies to improve the design and development of industrial monitoring and control solutions is becoming peremptory. Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) dominates the application domain meaning that they are established as the most popular industrial controllers used(More)
MOTIVATION The need for more effective and safer pharmaceuticals is a persistent quest. Microbial adaptations create the need to permanently develop new antimicrobials (AMPs), for instance. Similarly, intracellular delivery of drugs is still a challenge and translocation of membranes for drug delivery is an area of intense research. Peptides can be used(More)
This paper presents ARES-III, a multipurpose service robot for robust operation in all-terrain outdoor environments. Currently in pre-production phase, ARES-III is aimed to fulfil the requirements of a robotic platform that is able to support the development of real world applications in surveillance, agriculture, environmental monitoring , and other(More)
Today, manufacturing production systems are required to be responsive, re-configurable, adaptable, and flexible. The fulfilment of these requirements is directly related to the method used to design and develop their control applications. The paper presents the result of an investigation study to capture current techniques adopted by logic designers during(More)
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