Luís Ferreira Santos

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Isolated pulmonary valve endocarditis is a very rare entity, usually associated with intravenous drug abuse. We describe a case of isolated pulmonary valve endocarditis in a diabetic patient with no apparent precipitating factors besides a lesion on the right hallux. The clinical course was favorable and he was discharged home after a six-week course of(More)
Glass photonics are widespread, from everyday objects around us to high-tech specialized devices. Among different technologies, sol–gel synthesis allows for nanoscale materials engineering by exploiting its unique structures, such as transparent glass-ceramics, to tailor optical and electromagnetic properties and to boost photon-management yield. Here, we(More)
INTRODUCTION Diagnosis of Brugada syndrome (BS) currently requires documentation of a characteristic repolarization pattern (type 1 Brugada ECG). Mutations in the SCN5A gene, which codes for sodium channel Na(v) 1.5, are found in 38% of familial cases of BS. Sodium current dysfunction negatively affects the cardiac fast response action potential,(More)
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