Luís Fernando Perin

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BACKGROUND Numerous applications of autogenous platelet-rich plasma (PRP) have been studied so far; however, its property of enhancing the survival of free fat grafts has not been defined yet. In the literature, many reports are anecdotal and few include controls to definitely determine the role played by PRP in these grafts. OBJECTIVE PRP was(More)
The congenital infiltrating lipomatosis (LCI) represents a distinct, clinical and pathological aspect of fat soft-tissue neoplasia; very few cases of which have been described in literature. In 1983, Slavin and Cols described the main characteristics of LCI as:(1) non-encapsulated tumours containing mature adipocites, (2) fat infiltration in muscles and(More)
OBJECTIVE To analyze a case series of patients who underwent injection of industrial liquid silicone in a clandestine manner and by unauthorized persons. METHODS We conducted a retrospective analysis of medical records of patients treated between September 2003 and December 2010. Data regarding gender, age, location and volume of silicone injected, time(More)
breast implant surgery adequately informed about the type of prosthesis that will be used? It seems to be unlikely according to the number of patients who did not know what type of implant had been used. During the preoperative visit, it is natural for the patient to focus on the end result. However, the surgeon should also focus on the differences between(More)
BACKGROUND Skin adhesives provide an alternative to sutures for skin closure. The use of octyl-2-cyanoacrylate in blepharoplasty has been reported by some authors, but difficulties in applying the product and the real benefits of its use are still controversial. OBJECTIVE The purpose of this study is to show a simple technique for closing the upper(More)
Twenty-five patients with congenital uterovaginal agenesis underwent neovaginoplasty according to the McIndoe and Banister technique. In 17 (68.0%) cases the congenital agensis was also associated with renal and bone malformations. The postoperative results, based on the length of the neovagina, were considered to be satisfactory in 16 (64.0%) cases,(More)
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