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OBJECTIVE To evaluate genotyping and subtyping in antiretroviral (ARV) naïve and experienced children, as well as drug resistance profiles through genotyping in these children. METHODS This retrospective study assessed ARV-naïve HIV children and HIV children failing highly active antiretroviral treatment (HAART) followed up at Santa Casa de São Paulo.(More)
In South Brazil the circulation of two HIV-1 subtypes with different characteristics represents an important scenario for the study of the impact of HIV-1 diversity on the evolution of the HIV-1 epidemic and AIDS disease. HIV-1 B, the predominant variant in industrialized countries and HIV-1 C, the most prevalent subtype in areas with rapid epidemic growth,(More)
BACKGROUND Although most HIV-1 infections in Brazil are due to subtype B, Southern Brazil has a high prevalence of subtype C and recombinant forms, such as CRF31_BC. This study assessed the impact of viral diversity on clinical progression in a cohort of newly diagnosed HIV-positive patients. METHODS From July/2004 to December/2005, 135 HIV-infected(More)
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