Luís Enrique Sanchez

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a r t i c l e i n f o One of the most important aspects in the achievement of secure software systems in the software development process is what is known as Security Requirements Engineering. However, very few reviews focus on this theme in a systematic, thorough and unbiased manner, that is, none of them perform a systematic review of security(More)
Due to the growing dependence of information society on Information and Communication Technologies, the need to protect information is getting more and more important for enterprises. In this context, Information Security Management Systems (ISMSs), have arisen for supporting the processes and systems for effectively managing information security. The fact(More)
Since the 1990s several large companies have been publishing nonfinancial performance reports. Focusing initially on the physical environment, these reports evolved to consider social relations, as well as data on the firm's economic performance. A few mining companies pioneered this trend, and in the last years some of them incorporated the three(More)
The maturity and security management systems are essential in order to guarantee the continuity and stability of the companies in the current market situation. However, this requires that enterprises know in every moment their security maturity level and to what extend their information security system must evolve. In small and medium-sized enterprises, the(More)
How does knowledge management (KM) by a government agency responsible for environmental impact assessment (EIA) potentially contribute to better environmental assessment and management practice? Staff members at government agencies in charge of the EIA process are knowledge workers who perform judgement-oriented tasks highly reliant on individual expertise,(More)
Systems of systems are collections of systems interconnected through the exchange of services. Their often complex service dependencies and very dynamic nature make them hard to analyze and predict with respect to quality in general, and security in particular. In this chapter, the authors put forward a method for the capture and monitoring of impact of(More)