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This study determined the presence of mutans streptococci and Candida spp. in supragingival dental plaque and infected dentine of caries-free children, with early childhood caries and caries. Pooled(More)
Curcumin is the active compound in the extract of Curcuma longa rhizomes with anti-inflammatory properties mediated by inhibition of intracellular signalling. SOCS and MAPKinases are involved in the(More)
AIMS Evaluate the signaling pathways associated with inflammatory mediators activated in two models of experimental periodontitis. MAIN METHODS Two models were used: lipopolysaccharide (LPS)(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE Curcumin is a plant-derived dietary spice with various biological activities, including anticarcinogenic and anti-inflammatory effects. Its therapeutic applications have been(More)