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We assess population genetic structure and variability in the endangered Azorean endemic Viburnum treleasei Gand., an evergreen shrub or small tree, occurring in eight out of nine islands of the archipelago. We combine RAPD and ISSR markers in eight populations and four islands covering the three subgroups of islands that compose the archipelago, and one(More)
Picture Archiving and Communication Systems (PACS) have been widely deployed in healthcare institutions, and they now constitute a normal commodity for practitioners. However, its installation, maintenance, and utilization are still a burden due to their heavy structures, typically supported by centralized computational solutions. In this paper, we present(More)
PURPOSE Diagnostic imaging procedures have continuously increased over the last decade and this trend may continue in coming years, creating a great impact on storage and retrieval capabilities of current PACS. Moreover, many smaller centers do not have financial resources or requirements that justify the acquisition of a traditional infrastructure.(More)
PURPOSE Healthcare institutions worldwide have adopted picture archiving and communication system (PACS) for enterprise access to images, relying on Digital Imaging Communication in Medicine (DICOM) standards for data exchange. However, communication over a wider domain of independent medical institutions is not well standardized. A DICOM-compliant bridge(More)
Research dedicated to rare endemic plants is usually focused on one given aspect. However, holistic studies, addressing several key issues, might be more useful, supporting management programmes while unravelling basic knowledge about ecological and population-level processes. A more comprehensive approach to research is proposed, encompassing:(More)
The genus Leontodon L. (Asteraceae) comprises approximately 50 species with a natural distribution area covering North America, Europe, northern Africa, and western Asia. Two of these species are endemic to the Azores Archipelago: Leontodon filii and Leontodon rigens. Although both species were targeted with several taxonomic revisions, so far no studies(More)
Prunus azorica is an endangered tree endemic to the Azores Archipelago, considered as a top priority species for conservation. Although propagation measures have been studied in detail, and a broad phylogeographic study on P. lusitanica was recently published, a detailed population genetics study devoted to Azorean taxon was lacking. To determine extant(More)
The growing use of computer systems in medical institutions has been generating a tremendous quantity of data. While these data have a critical role in assisting physicians in the clinical practice, the information that can be extracted goes far beyond this utilization. This article proposes a platform capable of assembling multiple data sources within a(More)
Keywords: Cloud services Cloud standardization Cloud storage Cloud databases a b s t r a c t The increasing pace of evolution in business computing services leads enterprises to outsource secondary operations that are not part of their core business. The cloud computing market has been growing over the past few years and, consequently, many cloud companies(More)