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Mutations in the GJB2 gene are a major cause of congenital deafness. One specific mutation, the 35delG mutation, has accounted for most of the GJB2 mutations detected in European populations and is one of the most frequent disease mutations identified so far. We evaluated the frequency of the 35delG mutation in DNA samples from Brazilians of European,(More)
BACKGROUND Silicone gel dressings decrease scar volume and soften hypertrophic tissue, allowing it to be more easily controlled by other methods. Although silicone does not appear to be an essential component of the treatment, nonsilicone dressings have been reported to cause no change in physical parameters during a 2-month treatment period. OBJECTIVE To(More)
UNLABELLED The aim of this study was to assess bone mineral density and vitamin D metabolism in patients on chronic anticonvulsant therapy. METHODS Sixty-nine men, outpatients on chronic anticonvulsant therapy, who had been treated for at least 5 years, were studied, comparing them to thirty healthy controls. Bone mineral density was measured as well as(More)
Graves' disease (GD) is an autoimmune thyroid disorder which is associated with the human leucocyte antigens HLA-DR3 and DQA1* O501 in Caucasians. We have explored the possibility that some patients with certain HLA specificities develop anti-HLA antibodies which are correlated with environmental factors that may contribute to the development of GD. We(More)
BACKGROUND Elastosis of the prostate may be seen on needle biopsy and radical prostatectomy specimens, but its significance is unknown. Prostatic atrophy (or postatrophic hyperplasia) is one of the most frequent mimics of prostatic adenocarcinoma. OBJECTIVE To observe the frequent occurrence of elastosis of the prostate stroma in areas of postatrophic(More)
BACKGROUND A longitudinal, clinical intervention study with bariatric surgery was done to investigate the relationship between leptin levels, BMI, and insulin during weight loss across a range of glucose tolerance from normal to diabetes. METHODS 43 morbidly obese patients (BMI: 42-75 kg/m2) undergoing vertical banded gastroplasty Roux-en-Y gastric bypass(More)
OBJECTIVE In the 1997 TNM staging system, tumors were classified into a single subdivision: T2a, and bilateral tumor involvement (T2b). In the 2002 TNM staging system, tumors are subclassified as T2a (less than one half of one lobe involvement), T2b (more than one half of one lobe involvement), and T2c (bilateral involvement). A recent study questioned the(More)
CONTEXT Recently, prostatic atrophy associated with chronic inflammation has been linked to carcinoma either directly or indirectly by first developing into high-grade prostatic intraepithelial neoplasia. OBJECTIVE The purpose of our study was to test this hypothesis in autopsies. DESIGN A step section method was used to cut the posterior lobe in(More)
BACKGROUND Recent studies have questioned the high risk for disease recurrence in cases of bladder neck involvement by prostate cancer (pT4 disease). DESIGN The study was based on 141 patients submitted to radical prostatectomy. PSA-recurrence was defined as 0.5 ng/ml or rising at three different examinations. Bladder neck invasion was correlated to(More)