Luís A. Milan

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The purpose of the present study was to evaluate the effects of aerobic physical training (APT) on heart rate variability (HRV) and cardiorespiratory responses at peak condition and ventilatory anaerobic threshold. Ten young (Y: median = 21 years) and seven middle-aged (MA = 53 years) healthy sedentary men were studied. Dynamic exercise tests were performed(More)
We propose a birth-death-merge data-driven reversible jump (DDRJ) for multiple-QTL mapping where the phenotypic trait is modeled as a linear function of the additive and dominance effects of the unknown QTL genotypes. We compare the performance of the proposed methodology, usual reversible jump (RJ) and multiple-interval mapping (MIM), using simulated and(More)
A common interest in gene expression data analysis is to identify from a large pool of candidate genes the genes that present significant changes in expression levels between a treatment and a control biological condition. Usually, it is done using a statistic value and a cutoff value that are used to separate the genes differentially and nondifferentially(More)
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