Loye Lynn Ray

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Anonymous communication in sensor networks is an important security tool. A major sensornet security issue is to anonymize sources and sinks in sensor networks despite the inability to hide wireless transmissions. However, none of the existing anonymous communication schemes provide complete protection against attacks posed by different types of(More)
Today's anomaly-based network intrusion detection systems (IDSs) are plagued with detecting new and unknown attacks. The review of the literature builds ideas for researching the problem of detecting these attacks using multi-layered feed forward neural network (MLFFNN) IDSs. The scope of the paper focused on a review of the literature from primarily 2008(More)
Today’s dynamic web-based applications have become a normal and critical asset to an organizations business. They come with an increase in the number of web vulnerabilities and attacks. These weaknesses allow hackers to focus their attention on attacking this important information source. The most common vulnerability is cross-site scripting (XSS) and one(More)
The Big Bone Lick area in Kentucky, the first widely known collecting locality for vertebrate fossils in North America, is being investigated for further faunal and geologic evidence. Mammal bones, ranging in age from Wisconsin (Tazewell?) to Recent, were recovered in 1962 from four different faunal zones in two terrace fills.
Security measures have been well established within the waterfall development life cycle model. However, more software projects are using the spiral development life cycle model. Software developers and project managers can easily forget about adapting security measures within this new approach (Daud, 2010). The spiral model uses iterative steps that can(More)